The team

Les SEEDS 2013-14
Les SEEDS 2013-14

Made up of nine “engineer-students” currently studying international agro-development in the French college ISTOM, delivering a master degree, our team have many assets such as :


  1. 27 months of accumulated professional experience abroad,
  2. 13 months of accumulated professional experience in mixed crop-livestock farms,
  3. A multidisciplinary training in engineering school: Tropical agronomy and breeding, economics and human sciences, management and rural development.


Our skills :


  • Languages : French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and German
  • Designing, leading and assessing projects
  • Adaptability abroad
  • Knowledge in tropical agronomy

An international experience : Overview

• Namibia: Realization of a preparatory file about the launch of a tourist product based on ecological and fair tourism.

Cameroon: Diagnosis for the improvement of a standpipe

• Madagascar:Opening up a village via a fish pond development and promotion.

• Ireland: Analysis of varietal associations in designing dairy cows diet

Brazil: Genetics lab assistant with EMBRAPA (Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research)

• France:

- Agro-system analysis

- Environmental pressure study

- Forage packaging analysis

- Biodynamic system study

• Maroc: Working in restoration of medina Fez traditional housing